Vessels surveyed and References

As a reference, the following type of vessels have been surveyed:

  • Container vessels up to 8.700 TEU
  • Multi purpose/ general cargo vessels
  • Sea-river vessels
  • Bulk carriers up to cape size
  • Cement carriers
  • Oil and chemical tankers
  • Liquefied gas tankers
  • Passenger Ro/Ro-Ferries (One of them is a large, gas turbine driven ferry.)
  • Cruise ships ranging from standard cruise ships up to
    2.000 pax cruise ships and ultra luxery 6 star cruise ships
  • High-speed catamaran built in Australia
  • Tug boats

Technical advice given to following new building projects:

  • Oil- and Chemical tankers
  • Container vessels of different sizes
  • General Cargo vessels
  • the only one existing luxery
    apartment cruise ship “The World”
  • Cruise Ships
  • Car Carrier
  • Multi Purpose Offshore Support/Supply vessels