Examination and assesment of newbuilding projects

Examination and assesment of building price / secondhand price, technical details, fuel consumption, speed, stability, etc.
This report is required by banks and / or equity houses. Equity houses include parts of these reports into their brochure to raise funds.


Technical advice on Shipbuilding Contracts and Specifications for Newbuilding

Technical advice is to provide the clients, which are mainly Banks, Leasing Companies and/or other Financial Houses, with exact and dependable information that these documents as a whole contain no major technical inconsistencies, anomalies, contradictions or mistakes. Also advice is given that the important specifications, i.e. those representing the ship's essential features, such as the general lay-out and design for suitability of the use of the vessel etc. are consistently defined.

Technical advice on Shipyards of their Building Standards and Professionalism

Advice is given of the building standards of a particular Shipyard and the professionalism of the work and if the yard is considered to be capable for the construction of a certain new building project.